The transition between years brings change. The weather will change quickly, our goals and resolutions change, and the world at large changes. Who knows what new ideas and thoughts will occur in 2019. The change in music is happening a few days early, and it’s happening right here on Substream. Shoffy released his album Lenses in November, which included the excellent track “Cool Again.” To change things up, Shoffy has brought in Prince Fox to create a fantastic new remix of “Cool Again,” which we have the premiere of this afternoon.

“Cool Again” was a smooth song to begin with, showcasing the slick production and laid-back vibes Shoffy excels at creating. Prince Fox keeps the smoothness, but this remix is anything but laid-back. Fox has sent a jolt of electricity through the track, upping the tempo and creating an immersive dance club feel with the instrumentation he’s added. The added vocal filters give an underwater feel to “Cool Again” and really enhance how the whole track sounds blasting out of a pair of powerful speakers. If you’re still working on your New Year’s playlists, this new take on “Cool Again” would be a stellar addition.

Shoffy is happy with the take, as well. He says “Prince Fox did a great job transforming ‘Cool Again’ into a dancier, more up beat track. I’m a fan of his music and happy we were able to link up for this. He definitely put his own spin on it, and I hope people will be pleasantly surprised with the new direction.”

You can listen to Prince Fox’s remix of Shoffy’s “Cool Again” through Spotify below.