Hope Vista is the self-proclaimed Diet Dr. pepper drinking, Backstreet Boys loving, and vintage-gaming front-woman of alternative rock band VISTA.

However, the story of Hope begins prior to her fronting of a band. She initially kicked off her music career as a solo artist, with her last release, PREVAIL, coming in November 2015 after being produced by ZK Productions (Mayday Parade, Cartel). Not long after, Hope went on to front VISTA, which immediately released their debut EP, and going on to complete three nationwide tours, 250,000+ streams on Spotify, and even opening for acts like Set It Off, Against the Current, and more. As part of VISTA, she has become known for her electrifying stage presence, unconventional style, and colorful lyricism.

Today, we are excited to be partnering with Hope to premiere “SKIN&BONES” — her first song since 2015. The song was written by her and Okan Kazdal, with production, mixing, and mastering all being done by Kazdal. “SKIN&BONES” is a chilling song that really lets Hope carry the way with her voice, while being accompanied by elegant piano work and other haunting effects.


“Something about ‘SKIN&BONES’ felt important to share. I wanted to pair complex emotions with simplistic and minimalistic production – something I’d never done in my previous solo music before VISTA. I do not plan on releasing any other solo tracks in the near future, but ‘SKIN&BONES’ was a song I felt showed an intriguing contrast,” explains Hope.

Additionally, she will be releasing her first full-length novel, an autobiography titled PREVAIL: Finding Normal. The novel will be out January 8th — exclusively and digitally on Amazon. She began writing for the novel August of 2017, and it chronologically highlights her life’s most clear-cut events, only to come to realize that many of her memories were tainted by a young diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder. It’s a visceral thing to follow along with, as she navigates through each page through phases of her life, increasingly fighting to recollect moments in time that were once lost in trauma.

hope vista prevail

You can keep up with Hope Vista on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.