Long Beach, California’s Manuel the Band has been making some noise in their local scene. At their simplest, you can describe them as simply a pop-rock band, but diving more into it, you’ll find there’s a wide, unorthodox range of instruments not typically seen in the pop-rock genre.

The Americana/alternative-rock/jam/pop band have a wide range of influences, pulling in inspiration from John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Young the Giant, and more.

Manuel the Band has earned their reputation, and that has carried them to the point of sharing the stage with bands like New Order, James Blake, Matt Costa, and many more. Now, they are carrying that momentum into the release of their debut album, Room for Complication, which drops tomorrow, June 21st. Ahead if it’s release, we are excited to stream one last single: “Breathe.”

Frontman Manuel Grajeda tells Substream, “One thing I love about this band is the ability of all the players to take what was initially an acoustic song and bring more life to it through instrumentation and composition.” Regarding “Breathe,” he continues “The song itself tells a story. The chorus is about being close to someone physically and feeling that person next to you.”

Stream the new song below: