Brasko has revealed his electrifying cover of T. Rex’s “20th Century Boy.” The cover pays tribute to Marc Bolan, the iconic lead singer of T. Rex who helped shape the face of glam rock as we know it. Brasko’s take on the song highlights the unapologetic and unforgettable attitude that Bolan brought to the genre. “20th Century Boy” marks Brasko’s second release from his upcoming debut album SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR, a concept album with a fantasy that unfolds within a hotel.

“I knew my vocals were going to be very sassy & bitchy so I wanted to balance out the track with some bravado under it,” Brasko says on the production of the track. “For the big “AHHHH’s” our computer kept crashing because Gabe and I made like 70 tracks of us screaming at the top of our lungs. We also tracked every guitar part multiple times but with slightly different tones.”

The cover follows on the heels of the lead single from SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR,Lipstick Stains,” a sexy funk-fueled track in which Brasko’s appreciation for the theatrical is instantly audible.

Check out Brasko’s cover of “20th Century Boy” below: