The king of country-trap has finally released a new single. After catapulting to fame with his famous trap “Old Town Road” ft. Billy Ray Cyrus (and the Billboard chart controversy surrounding it), Lil Nas X continues to make a name for himself as the 14th most listened-to artist on Spotify right now with only one song out. And now, ahead of his highly anticipated debut EP, 7 EP, he’s released “Panini”, which claims to interpolate the melody of Nirvana’s famous “In Bloom”. We don’t hear much of Nirvana here, but perhaps you will. Watch the audiovisual below.

“One of the craziest things about ‘Panini,’ is it introduced me to Nirvana’s album Nevermind,” Nas X told Beat 1’s Zane Lowe about the mini-controversy earlier today. “It’s like I always seen the cover but I never actually listened to it. And people was like, ‘Wow, he sampled Nirvana.’ I was like, no. It’s like, I didn’t realize I was using almost the exact same melody.”

Lil Nas X is set to debut his 7 EP via Columbia Records tomorrow, which will open with “Old Town Road”, and will feature six brand new songs. See the tracklist below.

7 EP Tracklisting

1. Old Town Road (Remix) (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus)
2. Panini
3. F9mily
4. Kick It
5. Rodeo
6. Bring U Down (ft. Ryan Tedder)
7. C7osure