Way back in August last year I premiered “Prove It,” the fun and vibrant single from singer IYVES. It’s still a track I jam on a regular basis. I’ve had to over the ensuing months, as she took a bit of a hiatus after the release of the track. That ends today. IYVES has made a triumphant return with her new single “Gold.”

IYVES isn’t messing around on “Gold.” As the name implies, everything about this track is pure opulence and awe. The instrumental bubbles and builds slowly, a glitzy collection of synths and a deep bass line. IYVES can croon and sing as well as anyone, and she shows off her skill here. She’s delicate and smooth when the lyrics call for it, and when the chorus expands into a booming, grandiose experience, she belts out loud and clear. This is IYVES at her best, her most motivated, and most powerful. Listening to “Gold,” you’ll believe she’s the most powerful person on the planet.

You might want to sit down for this one. Find a comfy chair and let “Gold” wash over you.