There are a lot of people out there who talk a big game. A little bit of trash talk is intertwined into sports on all levels. Off the playing field, people still talk themselves, whether it be on a date or at their job. On it’s own I don’t think this is a bad thing, but many of those people are not capable of backing up that talk. That’s when it becomes a problem. IYVES is tired of this problem, and has addressed it with her new single “Prove It.” I’m excited to share the exciting jam here on Substream this morning.

From the opening seconds “Prove It” bubbles and expands like something alive, with clean synths building a funky instrumental for IYVES to sing over. The various forms of percussion throughout the track make it easy to dance along with, and provide small interesting moments that you’ll still be diving into and discovering on repeat listens. IYVES had help from pop duo Loote in crafting “Prove It,” and their influence can be felt on the wonderfully pop-inspired hook. Lyrically, IYVES sings about the problem of someone talking the talk but not following through in the context of a relationship.

Asked about writing “Prove It,” IYVES said “Prove It was such a fun song to write. I wanted to write a lighthearted song about how actions are more powerful than words. I think people get caught up on how to “say or prove” something when really the follow through is the most important part and really speaks the loudest. Working alongside Jackson Foote (member of Loote) pushed me to explore a more pop leaning side of myself. I had been listening to a lot of Solange’s album ‘A Seat at the Table’ and was very inspired by the vocal melodies and harmonies. I think I tried to channel some of that in the making of this song.”

You can listen to “Prove It” below. I think we’ve talked enough, now it’s time to dance.