The last time that we sat down to talk about the band Makeshift was at the beginning of last year. The band had just released Morale, an ep on which they perfected a sound that took all of the best parts of pop-punk — hooks that linger for weeks on end and huge, high energy song structure — and put enough of a spin on it that it didn’t feel like the same thing we had come to expect from the genre being recycled and served up again. The band spent the year following that release working to hone their craft — striving to grow, create, and shed the pop-punk skin they once clung too.

Today, we’re sharing the music video for a new song called “Reflection,” which comes from a recently released EP of the same name. You can pick up the EP here. The song itself feels leagues about what the band was putting out a year ago — the lyrics tell a vivid and heartwrenching story of loss and the mementos we cling to in order to ease the burden of moving forward. The music video itself is equally as stunning, showcasing the band’s emotionally evocative performance set to a room full of perfectly framed memories.

When asked about the video, vocalist Dan Burke said: “The “Reflection” video is a very personal one. All of the pictures in this video are pictures of members of the band and their families. The beginning of the song shows the emptiness that one feels when the shock of losing someone finally sinks in. As the pictures fade into the frames is the transitional point in life where you’re finally coming to terms with your loss and figuring out where to go from there. The full picture frames are symbolic of the memories that you’ve shared, seeing the big picture in life, and figuring out how to look back on these people with a sense of happiness rather than the opposite. Seeing the picture of my grandma and I after the break in the last chorus for the first time really fucked me up. It almost made the reality of her being gone all too real. But now I watch this video and can’t help but smile, seeing all different pictures from all of our childhoods and reflecting on different memories. My mom and brother are featured in the video, some of my closest friends are featured, aunts and uncles, there’s a map of Long Island on the wall; all things that mean the world to us as a band are in this video and it makes it very personal, but also incredibly special at the same time.”

The music video for “Reflection” can be seen above.