Albany, New York rock band Broken Field Runner make “sad music for sad bastards.” This has maybe never been more evident than on their newest EP, Heavy Hanging Fruit, which the band is announcing today. The five-track effort—due for release on March 3 through the band’s new label home of Jetsam-Flotsam—essentially stemmed from a single tragic story and evolved into somewhat of a concept album revolving around life, love, loss, and how to move on from it. Frontman Tony Bucci explains:

“In writing for a full-length, I came across a story from my hometown about a couple that lost twins so late in their pregnancy that they had to name and bury them as per their Catholic faith. The whole situation was so heartbreakingly poetic that I found myself writing pages and pages worth of lyrics about it. These folks had done everything by the book as far as a ‘traditional’ love affair was supposed to look: They dated young, fell deeply in love, got married, and tried to have kids as soon as they could. How could this happen? And why them?”

He continues, “I found myself fixated on two questions: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” and “How does a person come back from such a loss?” After writing several songs seeking answers, my band and I realized that these four songs, about how people might grapple with unbelievable tragedy, seemed to work together as a complete story. ‘Expecting’ is the introduction.”

You can listen to Heavy Hanging Fruit‘s lead single, “Expecting,” below. Fans of acts like Brand New, Boys Night Out, and Dowsing are sure to enjoy.

Heavy Hanging Fruit is available for pre-order now through Jetsam-Flotsam on cassette and CD.

Tour dates:
3/7 – TBA in San Luis Abispo, CA
3/10 – TBA in Los Angeles, CA
3/11 – Bosco’s in Lake Forest, CA
3/12 – PoMoRo in Tucson, AZ
3/13 – House Show in Albuquerque, NM
3/14 – TBA in El Paso, TX
3/15 – Shirley’s Temple Showcase in Austin, TX
3/16 – SXSW in Austin, TX
3/17 – Avant Garden in Houston, TX