It’s the first Take 5 of March, and what a week of music it was. February 25 to March 1 saw what is unquestionably the best release window of the year. We got a little bit of everything last week. There were great new singles to go alongside full-length releases. Surprise releases dropped alongside long-anticipated projects. Whatever genre, mood, instrument, composition, or video you were interested in, last week had something just for you. I did my best to distill a busy week into five songs, but there are dozens of ways this list could have played out. Lets dive into an exciting week of music.

Jonas Brothers – Sucker

I strive to not be predictable, but exceptions must be made. I knew this was going to be here. You knew this was going to be here. After far too long Jonas Brothers are back, and luckily their return single “Sucker” is as good as we could have hoped. The minimalist pop intro gives us the time we need to process we’re listening to new Jonas Brothers before launching into a groovy, cool guitar riff-filled chorus. Each brother gets a turn on the mic to wow with hopeless infatuation, well-placed whistling, and a bevy of high notes. It’s been a few years apart, but Nick, Joe, and Kevin still know how to put together a pop banger when they join up.


Being with someone should be exciting. You should be thrilled to be with your partner. R&B artist PXTN (“Paxton”) is here with a song that embodies that excitement in the form of “L2LY.” Musically, “L2LY” is an incredible blend of R&B and electronica. Pulsing synths and bass wrap around a mid-tempo beat full of energy and desire. PXTN sings about spending a perfect night with the object of his affections, and his voice reflects the yearning he feels. It also helps he can croon with the best of them, his voice rising above the sea of the production to ring through clearly. Part love song, part EDM, part R&B, PXTN has crafted a beautiful sound all his own on “L2LY.”

Betta Lemme – Kick The Door

It is not easy to categorize Betta Lemme’s music. Each single she releases seems to exist in its own special world. This is by no means a bad thing, as it seems there’s no genre she cannot conquer. New single “Kick The Door” begins with an ominous, psychedelic guitar before it picks up speed into a growling collection of riffs and production. While many of her previous singles have been as bright as sunshine, “Kick The Door” showcases a darker side of Lemme, and it sounds like she’s having fun with it. She weaves effortlessly from serene vocals in sections to as much of a snarl as you’re ever going to hear from her on a pop track. Like her previous work, Lemme also switches languages at a drop of a hat during “Kick The Door,” always bringing something new. Bringing new aspects to her music is Betta Lemme’s MO at this point, and I don’t want her to ever stop.

BANNERS – Got It In You (Acoustic)

Self-confidence is great. It’s something we should all strive to have. But even the most confident people in the world falter sometimes and need a reminder of their worth. London outfit BANNERS is here to encourage you with new single “Got It In You.” A killer falsetto and a piano is all singer Mike Nelson needs to deliver his message. The lyrics are the personification of encouragement, and Nelson delivers them gently, a reassuring presence alongside the chords of the piano. He becomes more assertive as the chorus hits and the song progresses, a strong resolve creeping in as he nudges the listener forward. It’s the exact emotional tone that helps listeners believe in themselves while driving them to keep striving for what they want. “Got It In You” is the remedy for you if you need a quick pick-me-up.

Solange – Sound of Rain

Thank you, Solange. The songwriter went and dropped nineteen tracks on us out of nowhere with the surprise release of her new album When I Get Home. It’s full of a huge variety of sounds and ideas, so much so that it is hard to choose just one song. “Sound of Rain” is a good place to start, though. The album’s penultimate full track, “Sound of Rain” features a powerful production behind it. A production trio of Solange, Pharrell Williams, and John Key is hard to beat, and makes for an incredible soundscape. Chimes, keys, and vocal effects layer over one another to create a sound unlike any other. Solange sounds incredible of course, and she has the songwriting chops to completely switch directions on the song during the last minute and have it still come out incredibly. When I Get Home is an album packed with good tracks, and “Sound of Rain” is one of the best showcases for what Solange is doing musically.

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