Railing against the grain of purpose is what New Jersey band Oddessy fight to do. Playing through heartache is difficult, making decisions when you’re flooded with despair, can be like trying to mastermind a rubik cube. Hearts and minds are precious but can be compromised, hope stands but can be cut down in minutes, leaving its roots tarnished. Throughout their new self-titled EP, Oddesy scream for closure, they play for a few seconds of calmness, but are looking at the wreckage unfold.

The music is compelling at all times, every twist and turn is valid. And over the course of the EP, there’s no limitations when it comes down to the whole story. A story of wasted moments. A fable of intrusive thoughts. A chronicle of darkened corridors out of light. The band know that darkness is never far away — even if they find glints, they know life is far from perfect, even though they’re breaking down barriers.

Riffs are plentiful on the EP. By providing guitar wizardry, Oddessy acknowledge the infusion and importance of instrumental influence. They don’t slack here, they implement, and add until the right mix has been created. Shuddering guitars and drums of impact are all served with a dash of empathy in the lyrical content. Screams are evident also — from the get go, they don’t stifle the sound, they enforce ruthlessness. On the edge, the vocals do calm, proving that there’s a place for clean vocal work on these particular songs and in the scene as a whole. Screaming may put people off, but it applies intensity. Oddessy, as a band, will never close the gap on their ideals, they’ll never stop being loud and making their presence felt.

Every song provides a stellar insight into the workings and mind-sets of this band. Not only do we hear blasts and sounds, but we’d need to be oblivious not to hear the dialogue. It sprouts and serves a purpose, it grows and melts into the fabric of every part of the release. “Problems” starts the EP, and delivers spontaneous instrumentals and screams galore. The dark undertones and loud overtones add diversity. In the middle, the clean vocals expose the words of distrust. Negativity spikes through, the monsters crack the pillars which hold up reason. “Highlights” begins lightly: there’s a pinch of subtlety there, until the brashness comes in and those hard-hitting screams tie around it like snakes. “The Chase” commences loudly — the throat ripping screams offer a platform for cleaner vocal work. Confidence is shattered and there’s no silver lining.

Oddessy is a talented outfit. They know hurt and damage, and through their musings and musical ability, they channel this admirably.