Miya Folick and Barrie

Schuba’s // Chicago, IL // February 24, 2019

A sold out night of ethereal vocals and pastel vibes? Perfect.

Schuba’s was the perfect venue to see Barrie and Miya Folick. The venue only holds about 200 people, so concert goers were standing shoulder to shoulder in the intimate, goth space. The crowd felt less like a bunch of strangers and more like a reunion of old friends. As fans crept just a little closer to the stage, the house lights dimmed while Barrie took their place on the little stage. The five-piece band (fronted by Barrie herself) hail from Booklyn and are just starting to make waves in the indie pop world. Their music is a harmonious blend of soft synths and perfectly dreamy melodies; an amazing support act for Miya Folick. Despite many people in the crowd not knowing the band’s music, Barrie definitely kept everyone’s attention and made tons of new fans.

Barrie by Kate Scott

If you haven’t heard Miya Folick, you are missing out. I don’t say that lightly. I was unaware of who she was until I was invited to this show. My friends, who already had tickets, insisted I come and see her. It’s not often that I attend a show then immediately search for that artist on Spotify and listen to them the entire way home, but that’s exactly what I did after seeing Miya. A true singer-songwriter whose raw lyrics perfectly match her deep, breathy voice, Miya’s music drew sighs, smiles, and even a few tears from the crowd. “This is our first headlining show in Chicago!” she ecstatically said over cheers and applause. “I just want to take a moment and take it all in.” Her band, dressed in matching Adidas turtlenecks and gray slacks, looked like math teachers and were a fun compliment to Miya’s pastel fringe suit. The band played songs from her debut album, Premonitions, which came out in October 2018, as well as some ‘classics’ from her 2015 EP, Strange Darling.

Miya Folick by Kate Scott

Miya Folick’s voice sounds like a combo between Bjork and Patti Smith. She has an elegant, soft tone, but the powerful emotion that goes into every note really comes through as each song progresses. When she played “Cost Your Love”, one of my favorite songs off of Premonitions, I felt like she was singing just to me. Her lyrics rattle around in your head well after she’s done singing them, which, to me, is the sign of a true lyricist. Her voice never faltered or sounded off key, even when she hit the high notes. It’s hard to describe the feeling that I had while listening to her music for the first time, but I’ve listened to Premonitions half a dozen times since, and I can’t wait for her to come back.

Miya Folick by Kate Scott

Barrie is headed down to SXSW in March, while Miya is headed to Europe for the summer. For more information and tickets, click HERE.


Miya Folick