Vin Diesel is many things. For starters, he is somehow 49 years old, a husband, and a father of three. He is also a bonafide global movie star leading three gigantic action franchises, a producer, a writer, a webcam dancer, and now—thanks to Kygo and Selena Gomez—a pop star.

Anyone who follows Vin Diesel on Instagram (and really, who doesn’t?) can tell you the star of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage has never been shy about his love of music. Whether he’s singing and dancing to pop hits for fans on Facebook livestreams or sharing photos of himself at a piano on social media, Diesel seems to spend a surprising amount of his time off set consumed by music.

Vin’s latest move, which is no doubt his biggest yet, is to add vocals to Kygo’s new single “It Ain’t Me.” The song features Selena Gomez on lead vocals, but when the chorus begins Diesel can be heard adding his decidedly bass-heavy vocals to the incredibly infectious hook. It may take a spin or two for you to hear him yourself, but once you do there is no going back. Enjoy “It Ain’t Me” below:

If you need a little help, pay attention to this chunk:

“Who’s gonna walk you
Through the dark side of the morning?
Who’s gonna rock you
When the sun won’t let you sleep?
Who’s waking up to drive you home
When you’re drunk and all alone?
Who’s gonna walk you
Through the dark side of the morning?”

A photo of Vin and Kygo appeared on the actor’s Instagram page earlier this month: