Montreal’s Ghostly Beard is a bit of an enigma. The faceless songwriter let’s the music do the talking and we respect the hell out of that.

“Not showing my face is a choice I’ve made as a reaction to our self image-obsessed society, and it goes with my message, which is to put the music forward and forget the faces,” says Patrick Talbot, the man behind the project. “What I look like [and] who I am is unimportant in the end.”

Inspired by classic rock but relevant to fans of modern artists like Jack Johnson or John Mayer, Ghostly Beard’s newest single, “How Does It Feel?,” is a relaxing, five-minute exploration of light, guitar-led rock with comforting vocals and plenty of replay value. Whether you lay back with your eyes closed to soak it in, or put it on as background while you go about your day, you’re not going to be disappointed.

The song serves as the opener to Ghostly Beard’s upcoming full-length album titled Inward, which you can pre-order on Bandcamp before its May 4 release.

So how does it feel? Well, it feels damn good. Find out for yourself below.