If you’re looking for rock, this is the week for you. Nashville’s *repeat repeat–headed by Jared and Kristyn Corder–have been mostly quiet since 2017’s Floral Canyon. That changed recently. *repeat repeat have entered into the 2019 music scene with a collection of new goodies for fans. The trio announced their next record Glazed, released a new track called “Hi, I’m Waiting,” and shared a music video for said track.

First, the track. “Hi, I’m Waiting” showcases all the best parts of the band. Jared’s laid back guitar riffs and casual vocal delivery give the song an intimate, inclusive vibe. Kristyn’s keys provide a pleasant balance to the distortion of the guitar, a spacey and fun sound floating throughout the song. It’s a balance the group have mastered, and it’s on full display here.

The music video finds the trio in their element, performing in a cramped living room. The lack of space doesn’t impact their energy at all, as they still give their all to the performance. Outside, we watch a minimally staged romance take place. A man is infatuated with his neighbor, but his methods of courtship are just a little bit unusual.

Glazed is set for release on May 31 through Dangerbird Records, with pre-orders available now. The entire album was produced by The Black Keys’s Patrick Carney, and you can already tell his touch was a good call from listening to “Hi, I’m Waiting.” Check out the music video below.