James Bond fans know that this agent had some great strategies for casino games. One strategy that more gamblers are eager to know about is the James Bond roulette strategy. This is your favorite secret agents strategy to turn the roulette odds in his favor. 

As a James Bond fan, you might be wondering about this unique betting system and the best paying online pokies in Australia. Today, we’re going to break down what this strategy is, how you can use it to your advantage at the casino, and if it’s worth it. Read on to learn more about the James Bond roulette system.

James Bond Roulette Strategy Explained 

The James Bond roulette tactic isn’t complicated once you see it in action. With nearly every casino game, the odds are in the dealer’s favour. With this unique James Bond betting system, the odds are turned to be in the player’s favour. While it’s not 100% guaranteed to result in a win, the gambler will have a much higher chance at winning a profit.

The James Bond strategy is a combination bet. This betting style has gamblers covering 25 out of 37 numbers on the wheel. When players use this strategy, they will have a better chance of winning when they play roulette.

Of course, the James Bond roulette system is all about strategic play. There are only specific betting amounts that this strategy works with. Gamblers will need to bet a total or either $20 or $200 per game. This is because players need to spread out the bets in a specific order on the roulette table for the strategy to work. So, for players whoare tired of siitg at the poker table it will be interesting to play roulette using this type of strategy.

How to Use the James Bond Roulette Strategy

Out of all the roulette strategies, this is one of the easiest for beginners to follow. There are 3 spots where players will place chips when they use the James Bond roulette strategy. 

  • Zero
  • The middle block (Numbers 13 to 18)
  • High numbers (Numbers 19 to 36)

With this system, the only numbers that won’t be covered are 1 through 12. Altering the betting strategy would result in lower profits, which means the risk wouldn’t be worth the reward. While there is a risk with this strategy, the rewards are worth it.

There is a specific way that players need to spread out their chips for the James Bond roulette strategy. Let’s take a look at the three different bets a player should place on each section if they were to bet $20.

Section Betting Amount Profit on Single Bet Profit on $20 Bet  Total Winnings
0 $1 $35 $16 $36
Middle block $5 $25 $10 $30
High numbers $14 $14 $8 $28

Now, let’s take a look at how this strategy breaks down if a gambler bet $200.

Section Betting Amount Profit on Single Bet Profit on $20 Bet  Total Winnings
0 $10 $350 $160 $360
Middle block $50 $250 $100 $300
High numbers $140 $140 $80 $280

The James Bond roulette strategy works best when bets are placed in sums of $20 to $200. However, gamblers are able to customize their betting amount as long as they know what percentage of the money goes on what number(s). 

  • 0- 5%
  • Middle blocker- 25%
  • High numbers- 70%

You may have to do some math to ensure you are able to bet the amount you wish. This is because many roulette tables don’t allow the gambler to break down the betting amount into below dollar amounts.  

James Bond Roulette Strategy Odds Explained

As you can tell from the charts above, gamblers have a chance at winning very high odds using this James Bond roulette bet. The James Bond system puts the odds in the gamblers favour. On that same note, it doesn’t mean they will always win using this strategy. If the roulette table lands on a number between 1 and 12, the gambler will lose.

So, this likely has you wondering about the odds. Is using the James Bond roulette system worth the risk of placing a high bet? Let’s break it down for you.

  • Odds of winning are 67.6%
  • Odds of losing are 32.4%

If you only plan to play 1 or 2 rounds, using this strategy could be risky. However, if you plan on playing multiple games, you have a very good shot at winning high profits. 

This Is a Legal Roulette Strategy

One thing many gamblers worry about is getting in trouble from using strategies. The James Bond roulette strategy is 100% fair to play. Casino and online casino sites won’t penalize gamblers for using this strategy. 

When gamblers use the James Bond system, they are taking a risk. If this risk works out in the casino’s favour, they could earn a nice profit. This is a great roulette strategy for turning the odds in your favour and it’s considered honest play. Since this isn’t a form of cheating, you can play out this strategy as many times as you want.

Pros and Cons of the James Bond Roulette Strategy

Many gamblers can improve their roulette games by using this strategy. However, it’s not meant for every player. Let’s take a look at some important things players should know about the pros and cons of the James Bond system.

Pros Cons
More effective than the Martingale system Must wager a high amount
Easy to remember
Possible to win high profits

Pros of the James Bond Roulette Strategy

This progressive betting system has a lot of advantages. One of the main advantages is that this strategy works. Other well known strategies, like the Martingale strategy for example, have been disproven over time. Whereas the James Bond strategy continues to be effective, especially when gamblers play out multiple rounds.

Gamblers don’t have to plan out where they are going to place their chips. Instead of debating if you should wager on an inside bet vs outside bet, you know exactly where to place your chips for maximum effectiveness. In fact, you don’t have to wager on any outside bets at all. 

Our favourite advantage of playing the roulette strategy named after our favourite secret agent is that all wins are high profits. Playing out multiple games in a row gives gamblers the possibility to see high winnings.

Cons of the James Bond Roulette Strategy

When a player loses using this strategy, it can really hurt. After all, no matter how much money a gambler has in the bank, nobody wants to say goodbye to $200 just like that. For many bettors, this strategy is out of their budget. Playing out multiple games at $20 or $200 a round can be very expensive. If a gambler loses their first bet, they may not have enough funds for following bets, which could result in a win.

Can This Strategy Be Used on the American Roulette Table?

All of the rules we’ve discussed above have been for playing on a standard European roulette wheel. The European version of this game has 37 spots to land on from numbers 0 to 36. With the American version, it’s different because there is also a 00.

Gamblers can still use this strategy on an American roulette wheel. For the chip placed on the 0, you will need to split it between the 0 and 00. You can do this by placing the chip on the line directly between the two. Once you do that, you’ll notice that the strategy works exactly the same as it does on tables without the 00.

What You Should Know Before Using This Strategy

As you’re reading through our review of the James Bond roulette strategy, you might be thinking that it sounds like a sure game. The odds are so highly in the gambler’s favour, that with enough rounds, you could make a huge profit. Don’t get excited too fast. After all, gambling is always risky. There is no way to 100% effectively turn the odds in your favour every time you use this strategy. 

The results of roulette are always random. This means that there’s a chance that the majority of the games you play in a session could result in the ball landing on numbers 1 through 12. This has happened to many players over time. For this reason, it’s very important that you always approach the James Bond roulette strategy using responsible gambling habits. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. If placing a $200 bet means that you might not have money for a bill or groceries upon a loss, then it’s not worth taking the risk.

It’s also important for players to set a wagering limit before they start, especially if they’re playing online. This is because roulette rounds go by very fast. It’s possible for players to go through their budget in a few short minutes if they aren’t paying attention. 

Final Words on the James Bond Roulette Strategy

Overall, the James Bond roulette strategy can be very effective, as long as the gambler is smart about how they use it. For the best possible results, gamblers should budget enough money to play out several rounds. While this strategy does have a risk, the rewards are well worth it as long as the stake doesn’t go over the player’s betting budget.