Jaret and Kelly is the latest project to come from the mind of Jaret Reddick (of Bowling for Soup) and Kelly Ogden (of The Dollyrots). Outside of his main gig in Bowling for Soup, Reddick has dipped into solo shows, theme songs, podcasts (Three [3!] different ones, “Jaret Goes To the Movies,” “The Rockstar Dad Show” and “BFS Fan Page Rampage”), and is bringing all of that into his latest project with Ogden.

Reddick and Ogden have known one another for over a decade, through various tours together, and decided it was finally time to work together on a duets record. Thought hey have worked on music together previously — they usually perform songs together live, and released a split EP together called One Big Happy — this marks the first time that Jaret and Kelly have done an albums worth of original songs together.

The end result is the debut album from Jaret and Kelly, Sittin’ In a Tree, which was produced by Linus of Hollywood and will be released on March 22nd. It’s the ultimate buddy album, one that masterfully blends together pop-punk, fun-loving alt-rock, and poignant acoustic tracks. But don’t just take it from me, you can still pre-order the release here and get a download of three tracks immediately.

Today, we are excited to bring you the next chapter of the Jaret and Kelly story: their music video for their fun-loving song “Doin’ Alright.”

“Kelly and I spent so much time together making this album…Then it was time to make a video and we were both like, ‘Holy crap, I’m on tour, in the studio with my other band, and chasing children around like crazy! When are we going to make a video?!’ We literally said that exact group of words at the same time! (Not really),” Reddick tells Substream. “But yeah…Things were crazy when we finished this album to say the least, so time was an issue. So I was like, let’s animate! I went to Fiverr and found a dude. We wrote a treatment and waited! And here it is! I personally think ALL videos should be this easy and fun!”

If you can’t get enough of Jaret and Kelly, you can watch the hit new ABC show “Schooled” (of which they wrote the theme song “Those Were The Days”), which is a spinoff of “The Goldbergs.” Keep up with the project on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.