Y’all remember Honors, right!? Just a couple weeks ago, we debuted their new song “Forever” and I couldn’t stop talking about how they’re one of the few young pop bands that keeps my faith in the genre renewed. Their harmonies are tight, their hooks are out of this world, and, goddamnit, these guys just know how to vibe.

We’re not sharing a new track with y’all today. Instead, we’re bringing you the premiere of their brand new music video for a previously released track called “All My Life.” The track lives in the mid-tempo bliss that Honors calls home; with an epic and anthemic chorus that feels built to bounce back at them from stadium walls. The music video shatters expectation with visuals that feel are just as grandiose and ambitious as the music.

The track starts and ends with the lyric “Someone told me this is life” and the music video cuts open to a barren city and a lone man; flashing to different events that seemingly took place within the confines of these streets. Several vignettes put starkly contrasting walks of life on display as we’re brought through a tour of the highs and lows of life today. In one frame there’s a man enjoying fatherhood and in the next, we see a man weighing the gravity of his decisions before putting on a mask and getting ready to help tear down the city they call home. There’s a lot of power and meaning behind every frame and it almost feels more like a short film set to an already inspirational song than it does a traditional music video.

The music video for “All My Life” can be seen below.