When you’ve been single for awhile or are fresh from a breakup, the world and the media it contains can start to appear different to you. The romantic movies and songs you normally love begin to grate on you. It’s not that you don’t like those things anymore, your emotions are just temporarily bruised. When that happens, sometimes the best solution is to go in the other direction with your media consumption. Embrace the sadness and let it all out. Pop talent Brigetta has just the thing for you today, with the release of her third single “Sad Songs.”

“Sad Songs” is light and breezy, built on an acoustic pop guitar and leisurely backing vocals. Brigetta takes all the traditional romantic imagery we see in media and turns it on its head, lamenting she can’t escape it while she’s feeling down. As the song goes on, she decides to just treat herself to all these romantic gestures and ideals. She continues to have one of the best voices in Nashville’s growing pop scene, as everything from the staccato hit of “la-da-da-da” at the beginning of the chorus to the feathery high notes she sings are perfection. “Sad Songs” begins as a sad track, but Brigetta balances the sadness of the subject with the fun of pop music and her personal growth to create a soothing, pleasing listen.

Brigetta also showed off her visual artistry, as she drew the cover art for “Sad Songs” herself. Check out the artwork alongside the stream of “Sad Songs” below. Keep up with Brigetta on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

brigetta sad songs cover