Las Vegas rockers Amarionette are an interesting and unique case of new-age pop rock. While at times their sound is very retro and 80’s synth driven, they mix that in with intricate guitar work, big hooks, catchy melodies, and a funk-driven, mesmerizing delivery.

Just last year, Amarionette parted ways with former lead vocalist Quin White, but haven’t missed a beat with continuing on as a band. They brought in new vocalist Spencer “Issy” Berry, and since have released an EP, AMVRI, and even several new standalone singles as well. The band has over 1 million stream on Spotify and have toured with big names such as Kurt Travis, Strawberry Girls, and Eidola.

Today, we are teaming up with Amarionette to debut their new single “Chemistry,” which serves as an additional standalone single from the band. While it was previously released with their former vocalist, it was always a fan favorite, which lead to the decision to re-record it and put their new spin on it. Listen for yourself below.

“The song was written with the intention of blending retro 80’s synth wave influences with progressive pop rock. The track was originally recorded with our former vocalist, but never got a proper release, we love how Issy delivers the vocals and regularly play this one live,” the band tells Substream.

If you like what you hear from “Chemistry,” you can keep up with Amarionette on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Below you will find all of their upcoming tour dates.

Upcoming tour dates:

February 13th – Phoenix, Arizona – Rebel Lounge

February 14th – El Paso, Texas – Rockhouse Bar & Grill

February 15th – Austin, Texas – Dirty Dog & Bar

February 16th – Amarillo, Texas – Golden Light Cantina

February 17th – Dallas, Texas – Tomcats West

February 18th – Houston, Texas – The Secret Group

February 19th – Tulsa, Oklahoma – The Vanguard

February 20th – Albuquerque, New Mexico – Launchpad