LA-based trio LANY have a way of crafting songs that will implant themselves firmly in your brain and have you humming along for months. We already know that the debut album from the group is coming before the year ends, and we got our first taste of it today with the release of new song “Good Girls.”

This is a dance track through and through, a keyboard driven affair that spins and grooves its way forward. The underlying beat harkens back to dance anthems of the ’90s and the track closes on a funky guitar part, a collection of styles that LANY has crafted together to get all of us on our feet. Lead singer Paul Klein spends most of the song pining after an ex, but there are brief moments of jaded disappointment shining through in the title drop. “Good girls don’t exist, but I expected more than this,” he sings before launching into the chorus. Get your dancing shoes on and give it a listen:

With their previous work as a measuring post, LANY’s album could be one of the best of 2017. We’ll keep you informed of any news on further singles and potential release dates.