Andrew Bird has unveiled the video for “Sisyphus”. The song, debuted last week, is the second preview of his twelfth studio album, My Finest Work Yet.

Bird explains, “We shot this video after a storm system moved through Los Angeles and there was a strange mist wisping through the mountains. I had an acute panic attack as I was standing on the edge of a thousand-foot precipice wearing this giant head mounted on a baseball helmet. The more extreme shots were handled by my stunt double, pro-climber Sterling Taylor.” He furthers, “I wanted the whistle melody to be this glorious wind in your hair rock n roll moment like a scene from Easy Rider thus the Dennis Hopper wig. The idea was to have a whole spin class on a flatbed truck, but I think this captures that sense of futility.”  Watch below.

He’s recently announced a title and release date for his upcoming work, My Finest Work Yet. Scheduled for release on March 22 via Loma Vista, the boldly- (but probably aptly-) titled work, as he puts it, tackles “current day dichotomies and how to identify a moral compass amidst such divisive times.” Produced by Paul Butler, Bird and band went for that Rudy Van Gelder jazz room sound where the instruments bleed in to all the mics in just the right way, and relies strongly on the piano and a gospel-jazz-60s soul feel, while the lyrics are direct and risk-taking, cutting to the quick of what’s happening in our world. My Finest Work Yet is available for pre-order here.

In celebration of the album, Bird has also announced a short run of tour dates right around album release, which sees him doing multi-night runs in three major cities: LA, NYC, and Chicago. Check out the full itinerary below, and find tickets here.

Andrew Bird ‘My Finest Work Yet’ Tour Dates:

March 7, 8, 21 – Los Angeles, CA // Largo
April 2, 3 – Chicago, IL // Green Mill
April 8, 9 – New York, NY // National Sawdust

1. Sisyphus
2. Bloodless
3. Olympians
4. Cracking Codes
5. Fallorun
6. Archipelago
7. Proxy War
8. Manifest
9. Don the Struggle
10. Bellevue Bridge Club