Solidifying her arrival as the next breakout star in R&B in 2018 by accumulating an astonishing 619,000 streams for her hit single, “Half of Me”. Emerging Detroit singer/songwriter Yasmeen continues trailblazing her own path to superstardom with her undeniable women’s anthem follow-up, titled, “One More Drink”.

Produced by the talented Moody and Mr. A, “One More Drink” is an empowering track that tells the tale, from a female perspective, having one too many drinks and the familiar bad idea text messages that follow. Written by Rashied Arekat and Yasmeen herself, the new single exhibits the new artist’s amazing vocal abilities. While demonstrated in her previous acoustic hit, Yasmeen showcases her variety on “One More Drink” with impressive range, transitions, and seductively infusing R&B and Pop vocals.

Discovered by popular radio personality Ebro (Hot 97), throughout her best new artist campaign, Yasmeen has received rave reviews from many highly-decorated publications for her refreshing new sound and angelic voice. Undeniably evident in her new single, “One More Drink” is arguably Yasmeen’s best work to-date.

Enjoy “One More Drink”, feel free to add her new single to your playlist, available now on Spotify via Distant Cousins. For more on Yasmeen, follow the rising star for up to the minute news today on Instagram.

Stream “One More Drink” below.