Kali Masi shoot off fireworks in new single/video, “Freer”

Kali Masi shoot off fireworks in new single/video, “Freer”

If you’re wondering what the hell “Freer” is — don’t worry about it and get in line. Truth be told, it’s simply a word that Kali Masi vocalist/guitarist Sam Porter made up.

It’s likely not the last time this will happen, as he explains it’s something that he does when songwriting roadblocks come his way. Regardless of where it came from, “Freer” is the latest song to be released from Kali Masi’s upcoming album, [laughs], which is due out on March 26th via Take This to Heart Records.

Streaming everywhere today, “Freer” is a reflection on young suburban friendship, soured beneath the heat lamp of a city’s setting sun. “So much of the album is carved out by the pursuit of inner-freedom, inner-peace, how to escape, and what it is we’re escaping from,” Porter explains. “‘Freer’ is about holding ourselves accountable for our own states, regardless of how damaged, tired, or free we are.

For the music video, which can be found below, Kali Masi shot it on the roof of Porter’s Chicago apartment at the end of summer 2020, and features a lot of fireworks being used. “We bought $100 worth of Indiana fireworks and used a rope to pull a bicycle up to the roof,” Sam says. “I love my neighbors, none of them called the cops.

Kali Masi stay true to who they are, and continue their trend of never holding anything back from their music. From start to finish, [laughs] is cutting, crucial and honest, with poetic recollections and curses of the past juxtaposed by contemplative acceptance of self in the present. On the new record, the band explores and dissects elements of strained friendships that often go unspoken, sometimes to the point of abandonment beyond repair. Recording once again with hardcore icon Jay Maas, co-founder of Defeater, Kali Masi crafted another masterful balance of urgency, tension and alluring instrumental harmony. The seconds between tracks will leave you guessing whether to rest or revel, and no matter which you get, you’re always taken by pleasant surprise.

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