Andrew McMahon (currently performing as Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness) recently put out a new album, Zombies on Broadway. It contains the type of emotion and hopefulness that carries through all of McMahon’s projects. The same can be true of his music videos, including the newly released one for “So Close.”

The video will speak to anyone who was obsessed with space when they learned about it in school. The video follows a woman who has taken that obsession into her everyday life, wearing a spacesuit out and about. She sees a man dressed in a similar suit, who busts out some pretty sweet dance moves. Of course, she reciprocates and we’ve got ourselves an interstellar dance connection. It’s equal parts goofy and sweet, and we absolutely adore it.

“So Close” put a smile on our faces, and it’s sure to put on on yours as well. Plus, it might motivate you to dust off all your dance moves as well.