There is perhaps no greater joy than getting to work with those that you consider dear friends. Life can be a painfully long journey at times, finding those who can make it enjoyable should never be taken for granted.

So when Wild Truth formed in 2017, the goal was for a group of friends — Nick Gargiulo (vocals/guitar), Will Beasley (bass) and Clayton Sargent (drums) — who have known each other for over a decade to start something new and exciting. The result is a project that finds them bringing in all their experience from prior bands, and creating music that is fresh and pushing their own boundaries musically.

To further expand themselves musically and show what they can offer, their new EP, Drift, will be released on April 2nd via Open Your Ears Records. OYE has given us an opportunity to reach new heights with our music and we are very grateful for the opportunity. Working together has been a pleasure and we can’t wait to see what the future holds,” Wild Truth says on the signing to Open Your Ears Records.

Drift  was produced and mixed by Beasley himself, and contains a collection of songs that are about reflection and navigating the difficult path that is finding and creating your own individuality

Today, Substream is more than excited to be bringing you a piece of Drift, and teaming up with Wild Truth to bring you their fun and flashy new single, “No Filter.” The single is an engagingly catchy pop/rock tune that, underneath all of the upbeat melodies, is ultimately a song about the complexities of new love and how sometimes that loneliness you feel has nothing to do with the folks in your life.

Drift is about reflection and navigating the path to individuality in such a polarizing environment. ’No Filter’ was the first song we wrote for the EP. It came together really organically and we wanted to have a song that made you want to dance and cry at the same time,” Wild Truth explain on Drift and “No Filter.”

Listen to “No Filter” below, and head here to pre-save Drift.

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