Love comes in many forms. It can be quiet and reserved, as simple as a small note left for a loved one. It can be steadfast, standing by someone when they’re going through a rough patch. It can also be big and bold, full of grand gestures and powerful confessions of feelings. It’s that last category that has drawn the interest of musicians Patrick Martin. The LA-based artist is going as big and bold as can be with his new track “Cinema Love” (via KCRW) and its accompanying music video (via Ones To Watch).

For a song about the boldness of love, “Cinema Love” begins quite delicately. The piano chords come slowly and linger in the air, and the synths are just barely perceptible. Martin’s voice hovers over all of it, and the mix of all these parts feels fragile and beautiful. The chorus is where the boldness comes from, as the production and Martin’s impressive range both come to life in a celebration of love and joy. Martin’s faith in love is unwavering, and that makes the track feel special.

The music video for “Cinema Love” lives up to its name. The camerawork is gorgeous as Martin explores an old brick home, discovers film reels of love gone by, and revels in the warmth the house holds. The joy in the track carries through to the video, and Martin looking like he’s having the time of his life certainly helps.

Watch the video for “Cinema Love” below, and think about letting the people you love know just how much they mean to you.