Remember how we told you Chase Atlantic does not waste time? It’s true.

As promised, with five days of the month to spare, the alt-pop trio has released their new EP, DON’T TRY THIS. Comprised of six tracks, the record “dives into the devilish minds of the band” and underscores their sound that draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres, from alt-pop, rock, R&B, and hip-hop. Lead track, “What U Call That,” returns to familiar territory (re: “Tidal Wave”) with it’s hip-hop-esque vocals thrown over a dreamy, synth-laced backing track, while “Devilish” and “GreenGreenGreen” provide us with a more mellow but still upbeat vibe. Lead single, “Like A Rockstar,” features lush electro-beats and gives us a 3.5 minute glimpse into their life on tour, complete with drugs and all the things that remind us of rockstars. Whether or not an intentional nod to Post Malone’s “rockstar”, it certainly sounds like it belongs alongside it. “You Too” spotlights the melodic side of the group and Clinton Cave’s saxophone skills, and closing track “Lust,” follows suit and highlights frontman Mitchel Cave’s strong, emotive vocals.

The EP also serves as a prelude to the sophomore album from Chase Atlantic, which is slated for release later this year. Until then, listen to DON’T TRY THIS below.