Mouth Breather is the moniker of 23 year-old Montreal-based eclectic/alt-pop artist Owen Hooper.  He does what he can to be on the internet often, keeping up to date with the changes in culture and what’s most popular at the time. However, this also causes Hooper to suffer from a sense of alienation and anxiety about what life is truly like, given how much of the world is taking place online.

This comes through on how Hooper creates Mouth Breather music. He uses his own anxiety and that sense of alienation to make his own brand of unique, intriguing pop music. Because of this, his music winds up telling a story that makes them believable, although they are not necessarily what you might have come to expect from your average brand of pop music.

This sense of questioning what is real and what is ultimately a fabricated reality doesn’t get lost, transitioning from Hooper’s own beliefs to his music. This is evident on his new song “Crazy Eyes,” which we are excited to exclusively premiere today. It’s a groovy, smooth pop track that at times sounds retro in the verses, coming into his own on the choruses that capitalize on the tone set, blending all of Hooper’s instrumentals. What seems like it might be clustered, turns out to be one of the most soothing, refreshing pop tracks of the year.

“‘Crazy Eyes’ was written by inputting hundreds of the most popular love songs from the past sixty years into an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. What came out was both incredibly surprising and extremely predictable. I can’t tell if the AI did a great job or if almost all love songs are written with a severe lack of real human emotion, I’m definitely leaning towards the latter. But hey that’s pop music,” explains Hooper on the new song.

You can keep up with Mouth Breather on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.