Buffalo indie-rock duo — featuring Matt Cox and Pat Feely — Super American released their latest album, Tequila Sunrise, back in September via Take This to Heart Records. The album was preceded by a summer tour with Have Mercy, and a handful of singles to bring attention to the release.

The duo has spent some time away since the album’s release, but we are excited to team up with them to bring you a new music video — directed by Jordan Mizrahi — for “Chris from Walmart.”

“This song reminds me of really good times. Splitting rent with Fred and living above our landlord, who hated our guts. Working on music and dreaming with Matt, playing shows with whoever we could get to show up. Demoing our album in a small square space next to a band whose style was to play every instrument in a different key for twenty-five minutes straight. Doing weekends in a 20-year-old station wagon. Bj’s in Fredonia. Sleeping in Dunkirk. Getting drunk and riding shotgun to Taco Bell. Being in denial (and eventually, in love). Just feeling ambitious and unusually whole, working towards our dream of being artists,” Feely explains on the new song from Super American.

Feely continues, “This video was fun to make. It was a beautiful late summer day. I was in desperate need of a change so i shaved my head. Jordan, the director, let us stay at his parents house and Matt and I stayed up too late drinking beer and watching previously recorded NBA games, giggling in the same bed. Matt spent the first half of the day looking for his JUUL, which i misplaced. We found it and didn’t have to buy any cigarettes. Went back to work for the man on Monday. Ho-hum.”

If you like what you hear from the song and video, you can keep up with Super American on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and pick up your copy of Tequila Sunrise here.