The Breaking Pattern have built themselves a cult following by marrying the genres of acoustic rock and indie pop to create a sound that calls back to the late 90’s. The band exists at the intersection of Tal Bachman and Daphne Loves Derby — creating music that is sickeningly sentimental but feels authentic to who they are as artists. Their brand of pop music is timeless because it works — high key songs about love will always be relatable. Just think of the careers it’s launched; from Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber to The Scene Aesthetic and Daphne Loves Derby. Regardless of the genre, people are bound to relate to it.

Today, we’re sharing a new song called “Shadow of the Moon.” The track showcases The Breaking Pattern’s knack for melody and perfectly blends the two genres mentioned earlier. Twinkling synths and an acoustic guitar set the stage for what to expect from the track, and to top it all off, “Shadow of the Moon” features a bombastic chorus of “We used to kiss/in the shadow of the moon” that’s going to be stuck in your head for days on end.

You can stream “Shadow of the Moon” below.

“Shadow of the Moon” comes from the new The Breaking Pattern EP, …and Suddenly Nothing Becomes Everything, out October 20th via Legend Distribution. Pre-orders for that will be available soon.