There are some people out there who are very intense. It says nothing about what they’re like as human beings, but everything they do they do the max. When a group of those people get together and create art, it can be a thrilling experience to behold. LA band Liily have their own thrills to deliver this week, as they unveiled the live music video for their October single “Sold.” You’re in for a wild ride.

The video is shot entirely like a handheld home video from the ’90s. If that’s not gritty and grainy enough, part of the video is also composed of what looks like security footage as well. We see the band performing chaotically to a crowd who is definitely bringing their own intense energy to the mix. Mixed in with that is footage of the band driving around, hanging out in parking lots, and generally wandering the world. Often these two scenes are placed over top of one another, creating a visually striking experience to follow along with.

Get ready for the experience, and then watch the video for Liily’s performance of “Sold” above.