All of us rely on our friends to some degree. Whether we need a hand fixing something or just need to vent, friends are there for us. It’s important to remember the people who have been by our sides since the beginning, as they’re often the people who care the most for us and that we can truly count on. Each one of these people deserve a big thank you. Hartford band Bronze Radio Return want to give the biggest thank you to all of their supporters, and they’ve done so in the form of their new single “With Me All Along,” out today.

From the very beginning there’s an air of gratefulness to “With Me All Along.” Vocalist Chris Henderson is full-throated and quick with the praise for the people who have helped out over the years. Henderson and Patrick Fetkowitz do solid work on the guitars building a catchy track, and Matt Warner serves as the MVP of “With Me All Along.” The pleasant, moving performance by Warner on the keys gives the track the sweet, sincere core it needs to really land with listeners. The end of the track where each member joins in the harmony on the chorus will give you chills. From every word in the lyrics to every note in the instrumental, you can tell Bronze Radio Return are truly, deeply appreciative of everyone who has been there for them.

“With Me All Along” is taken from Bronze Radio Return’s upcoming EP Check Two, the sequel to their October 2018 EP Check One. Check Two will be released on January 25 through AntiFragile, and you can listen to “With Me All Along” and previous single “Come With Us” below.