With a series of viral country hits under her belt, Hannah Ellis kickstarts 2024 with an engaging record that positions her for massive success in the new year.

Ask anyone who likes country about the biggest problem with the genre and you’ll get a different response from each person you encounter. Some people hate the Nashville machine, but others can’t stand the latest wave of singer-songwriters who wear their hearts on their sleeve. Others will tell you both those groups are wrong because neither one respects quote/unquote “real country.” People can say whatever they want but the truth remains that when certain songs hit you in a way only country can, and that’s what Hannah Ellis is in the business of making on her new album, That Girl.

Hannah Ellis’ debut album, That Girl, is a refreshing and vibrant addition to the country music scene. Ellis, a Kentucky native, showcases not only her remarkable vocal talent but also her prowess as a songwriter throughout the 13-track album. The opening number, “Country Can,” sets a lively tone for the album with its catchy, anthemic chorus and a melody that’s both mellow and spirited.

Ellis’ lyrical creativity shines brightly in songs like the title track “That Girl,” where her heartfelt storytelling is evident. She navigates through themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery with a unique blend of vulnerability and strength. Standout tracks like “Someone Else’s Heartbreak” and “Somebody Else” highlight her ability to convey deep emotions through powerful ballads.

The album also features upbeat, playful songs like “Us” and “Wine Country,” which add a light-hearted, flirty charm. “Karma On The Rocks” is another notable track, where Ellis’ sass and attitude are on full display. Her blend of country, pop, and rock elements throughout the album speaks to her versatility as an artist.

The concluding tracks, “One Of These Days” and “Too Much And Not Enough,” offer a reflective and raw look into Ellis’ personal struggles and aspirations. It’s this authenticity and emotional depth that make That Girl a compelling listen. The album is a solid debut for Ellis, positioning her as an artist with a promising future in the country music genre. Fans of artists like Maren Morris or Kelsea Ballerini will find “That Girl” an enjoyable and resonant experience.