Having made a name for himself around the UK as Johnny Lucas, the Manchester native is ready to take on a new challenge in the U.S with his new band, Looking for Lucas. While on his own around the UK and Europe, Lucas performed a one-man show replete with beatbox and looping magic, even performing at Isle of Wright and Glastonbury Festivals.

Looking for Lucas is set to be quite the alternative, looking to take America by storm with full force. The band will adeptly engage their audiences at live shows, aiming to put together a performance that ultimately packs a punch. Currently, the band is aiming themselves with raucous guitars, catchy choruses, slick lyrics, and sticky melodies to make some noise in the Nashville music scene.

Now, Looking for Lucas is aiming for an even better with their debut EP. The EP was recorded by Cage the Elephant‘s Lincoln Parish, which carries a strong Brit Pop influence with undertones of frontman Johnny Lucas’ 60’s idols — Paul McCartney, Ray Davies, David Bowie and Jeff Lynne. All of this allowed the band to hone in on their distinct blend of these Birtish influences, while adding in a taste of American flavors while being recorded with Parish at this own studio Talkboxrodeo, which rests on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee.

Today, we are bringing you an exclusive lyric video premiere for their song “Attention.” It’s a perfect introduction to the band, one that shows off how they blend some of those 60’s influences with the American flavors, and even a slight taste of British punk sprinkled in. Listen and watch the lyric video for yourself below.

“I was drifting out to sea on a Kayak when I was trying to get the attention of some of my buddies. They couldn’t see me so I had to paddle furiously to get back to shore, as I was going hell for leather when the melody and lyrics to Attention came into my head,” explains Lucas himself on the song. “‘I’m starting at your open eyes and I know your staring back, I’ve got to keep your focus for the remainder of this track’ — I wanted to write a song about meeting a crowd for the 1st time and having to win them over. Its a bit like a 1st date and there can be some awkward moments but with a bit of humor and heavy sarcasm you can usually make it through,” he finishes.

Be on the lookout to hear more music sooner rather than later from Looking for Lucas, as they have already began working on their follow-up EP. Nothing has been set in stone, but they have began writing songs with Desmond Child (“Livin’ On a Prayer,” “Dude Looks Like a Lady”) and look to strike quick with additional music.