One of the key components of the entire human race is our sense of adventure. We have always been drawn to the unknown, whether that be physical locations or knowledge we don’t yet have. Even on a small scale, we all have memories of exploring our neighborhoods or the surrounding countryside. There was a thrill to that exploration then, and we can still find it in ourselves when we visit a new city. New York City residents and sisters Kate and Izzi Eberstadt–who make music under the name DELUNE–captured that sense of excitement and exploration in their debut single “Wild West Side Highway.” The sisters can also translate their vision into a video, and Substream is delighted to premiere that video for “Wild West Side Highway” right here.

The “Wild West Side Highway” does not follow one set narrative of adventure, but instead conveys it in the beautiful cinematography and the vision provided by director Katharine White. Kate and Izzi stand together through the whole video, no matter what the location. Whether in the American countryside surrounded by power lines, in an abandoned warehouse, or in a dark void, they face everything with each other. Each shot of the music video is a powerful statement, from the sisters’ sometimes eerie choreography to the shot of their bare feet in the wilderness. It’s easy to see how much work and thought went into “Wild West Side Highway,” and the result is incredible.

This vision was clear in Kate and Izzi’s head, as they said in a press release “‘Wild West Side Highway’ is our New York anthem, reimagining Gotham as the old American Wild Wild West. Lawless, risky, chaotic, filled with unimaginable treasures, the untamed City that Never Sleeps is both thrilling and terrifying. You are wandering the streets of New York one night, and something is awry. You have the sense that you are being followed – a relentless pursuit. What do you do? Do you run, or do you stand still? Do you face whatever is haunting you? We’ve both experienced harrowing things in New York, and in this song we band together as sisters and stand strong, declaring enough is enough.”

Director White also revealed insight into the imagery of the video, saying ““DELUNE and I worked to create a video concept that felt ethereal, feminine, and elegantly designed. We wanted to suggest the story of a relationship between two sisters while remaining free of any particular narrative constraint. With that in mind, we worked with choreographer Genna Moroni to craft gestural sequences that underscored the concept of bonds and the intimacy of shared secrets. Remaining primarily in two shots and statuesque wides allowed us to focus on DELUNE performing together, getting to know each artist in the context of the other. As the song draws to a close and the final acapella chorus kicks in, we ended our video with a simple poetic sequence meant to suggest freedom, joy, and the strength we draw from our closest relationships.”

Get your adventuring spirit in order, then watch DELUNE’s video for “Wild West Side Highway” below.