Anyone Anyway is an alternative-rock band from Providence, Rhode Island that is influenced by emo and post-hardcore. The band released a two song EP, Loving, in 2015 and quickly followed that up with their Unloving EP in 2016. The band ultimately took 2017 off from releasing new music, and instead started touring throughout the U.S. and Canada in July of 2017.

While Anyone Anyway returned with a new EP, All the Kinds of Love You’ll Find, this year, we wanted to partner up with the band to do something a little different. Today, we are premiering a new, live video of the band performing their song “Darling” — which comes off of 2016’s Unloving.

“In March of 2018, we ended a tour of the Northeast and before driving home, we stopped in Bayonne, New Jersey to record some live session videos. It was so great to work with Adam Cichocki of Timber Studios and Kelsey Ayers and Rich Weinberger of Caskethouse Co. and the time we spent there was a perfect end to the tour. Adam and Rich happen to be members of Gatherers so we really felt like rockstars. ‘Darling’ has become an old song but a favorite among friends and fans, and has developed some slight changes over the years, so we’re stoked to be able to share this with everyone,” explains Anyone Anyway’s Max Cuoto.

The song sounds comparably similar, albeit with a few slight changes sprinkled throughout. At the same time, the video captures a bit of the bands energy, as even in a studio recording like this, Anyone Anyway put their all into it. Check out the video for yourself at the top of the post.

As mentioned earlier, Anyone Anyway released their latest EP, All the Kinds of Love You’ll Find, earlier this year. You can stream the EP here, and pick up a downloadable version here via BandCamp.