Has there ever been a person in your life that, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get past? Maybe you know it’s for the best that things have ended between the two of you, but even so, getting over someone that once meant a great deal is never easy.

Electro-pop artist Memoryy knows exactly what that’s like, and he’s showing it in his brand new video for “Not Over You.” Alone in the desert, sitting at home, and walking through town, “Not Over You” shows the artist reliving memories with the woman he’s trying to leave in the past. While he’s not over her just yet, he’s right on track saying, “It’s getting easier each day.”

When asked about “Not Over You”, Memoryy says:

“Memoryy has a rich music video history – the origins of the band date back to the prior band name ‘Kitten Berry Crunch’, where I literally had to form the band to play a show I couldn’t turn down (opening for The Rapture dj set in Brooklyn), all because a famous NYC concert promoter saw my viral 1st video.

“Since then, I have a pretty high bar for making music videos & choosing who to work with. For my 1st music video since moving from NYC to Albuquerque, I teamed up with local director Aron Hethcox to create the companion video for my musical highlight of the past 2 years, my song “Not Over You”. He had a great idea of how to visually capture the heartbreak of getting over a lost love (spoiler: it involves projectors & me painfully looking into the distance.) I also wanted to showcase the magic of the gorgeous desertscape & Rio Grande river of my new hometown. The result of all that mashed together is what you get with the new ‘Not Over You’ music video which I’m pleased to premiere on Substream Magazine.”

Originally from Brooklyn and now based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Memoryy has an intriguing way of balancing pop vocal melodies with electronic textures. Though largely known for writing moody dancefloor bangers, Memoryy also creates neon pop tracks for TV shows and films – he even wrote the theme song for Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show.

“Not Over You” originally comes from Memoryy’s 2017 release Skeletons. A remix EP,  Vehlinggo Presents: Not Over You (The Remixes) EP, is also available now, featuring remixes by Drinker, Highway Superstar, Von Hertzog, LGHTNNG, and Acidulé. Listen to the updated 2018 version of “Memoryy” on Spotify below.

If you like what you can hear, you can keep up with Memoryy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit his website.