Since releasing a bevy of EPs from 2013-2015, english artist Nick Wilson has spent the last few years releasing a steady stream of new singles. Having released four songs in 2017, Wilson released single “All The Same” earlier this year. Now that we’re well into the back half of the summer and the year, Wilson is sharing his next 2018 single with the world. That single, called “Get Up,” is premiering here on Substream this afternoon.

Following in the footsteps of Wilson’s previous singles, “Get Up” provides a blend of an acoustic folk base with poppier sensibilities in the production. While “All The Same” leaned farther into the pop side of things, “Get Up” leans a little father towards the acoustic side. Wilson’s guitar is clearly identifiable throughout the track, and the rest of the production builds around that melodic through-line. Vocally, Wilson rises into his upper register frequently during the song’s chorus.

Asked about the track, Wilson said “‘Get Up’ is a song about the frustration of knowing someone can help themselves out of a bad situation but decide they can’t for whatever reason. I guess it acts as an inspirational kick up the back side to whoever that person may be. It’s so easy to dwell and stay stuck in this feeling of helplessness but it’s almost always usually easier than you think to dig yourself out of that hole, you just have to try.”

You can listen to Nick Wilson’s new single “Get Up” below.