Everyone needs a little ray of happiness and love at least once a day. Even in the darkest of times when things get rough, just one piece of hope or kindness can be enough to turn everything around. That bit of light can come in many forms, and today it’s coming in the form of a video. Nashville band Coyote Choir are sharing a part of their love with the world by releasing the lyric video for single “Kingdom of Love,” and we’re happy to share that love with you right here.

The warmth and light can be felt throughout “Kingdom of Love.” Drummer Mathew Linton gives the track its upbeat and inspiring pulse, and it never falters. Jason and Paul Watkins already have a connection as brothers, and their musical connection as they play guitar and bass side by side carries a cozy familiarity that makes “Kingdom of Love” special. It’s evident all three of these men fully believe in each other and the message they’re spreading, and it’s enough to warm any heart that listens.

The lyric video for “Kingdom of Love” should give you a smile, too. The entire video takes place in a karate dojo, but it’s inhabited by mannequins instead of students. As the lyrics scroll along the bottom of the screen, one man practices his karate amidst his silent friends. It’s definitely silly to watch, but at the same time it’s almost impossible not to find it endearing.

The band dug deep into their past for the video, explaining “”The karate choir mannequins were due for a karate lesson, so they were interested in practicing their blocks and Empi-Uchi. We went with them to the dojo to support them in defending themselves. They really are lovers over fighters. The idea for mannequins in the dojo was partly inspired by Daniel LaRusso, but mainly it’s an extension of our childhood. This video represents choosing love over hate.”

You can watch the lyric video for “Kingdom of Love” below. The track is the second single from Coyote Choir’s upcoming debut album Vol. 1, which is due out on November 2.