With much of the world still living in isolation, PRETTY AWKWARD offers hope for outcasts everywhere with a new stripped version of “Misfits” recorded in quarantine.

The world is a lot colder than it was a year ago. Some may say that is due to the political climate, which may be accurate, but the most significant contributing factor is COVID. For nearly seven months, the vast majority of people have lived in a constant state of isolation, far removed from the lives they once knew. We are creatures that thrive on community and human contact, but for the better part of a year, we’ve had neither, and there is little hope that will change anytime soon.

Thankfully, we still have music. PRETTY AWKWARD found themselves in a terrible position when the pandemic hit, but a necessary change of plans did not stop the band from working on music that will inspire others to keep their hearts and eyes open. Their song “Misfits,” which arrived in the middle of a summer that was unlike any other, is an anthem for outcasts who felt alone long before everyone knew the term ‘novel coronavirus.’ It’s a song about finding the beauty in our individuality, and how the things that make us unique are ultimately what makes any community thrive.

Amid the chaos of this year, PRETTY AWKWARD retreated to a cabin in their home state of Washington to record. The band is partnering with Substream today to share a new, stripped-down take on “Misfits” that is impossible to resist. You can view the clip below.

The band’s Nicholas Wiggins says: “We had just kicked off for a tour in March. Just a few days in, we were advised to cancel the remaining shows and go into quarantine. We returned home and made sure everyone was safe… It was a couple of months of not seeing each other. We decided it was time to get together and do the one thing we love most: Get in a room and play music together. We wanted to get out of the city and create something we could give our fans who would not see us on tour this year. So we rented a cabin in the woods here in Washington state, and it was amazing”.

Austin Held adds, “The cabin was on a massive property in the middle of the woods, owned by an amazingly sweet couple. We were able to explore parts of our home state that we don’t normally get to see, such as Whidbey Island, and it was beyond beautiful. We were able to stay in a log cabin, which we knew would be the perfect setting for great acoustics and for the overall vibe of the performance. After not seeing each for so long, it was awesome to get back in the van together and go somewhere we could get loud. ? We’re like a small carnival family so being without each other for an extended period was a bummer. I feel super grateful that we had the opportunity to hang, laugh, and create something new that we love”!