Gianni Paci is the kind of artist that likes to let the power of his craft speak for itself. He doesn’t need to rely on gimmicks or production trends dictate what he’s doing now or will do next — it’s the kind of heartfelt and story-based craftsmanship that comes from years of hard work and emotion that is present in everything he does.

His new work is stripped down, beautiful acoustic offerings that really allow for Paci’s knack for storytelling to shine through and create something mesmerizing without having to be over the top or flashy.

Today, I’m excited to share the music video for a track called “Insecure” with y’all. The video is over the top and atmospheric — bright,  flashing colors grab your attention and bring you into this ethereal world in which Paci sees his art existing. The juxtaposition is poignant and helps to crearw something that is truly awe inspiring .

The video is described as: “Suspended in some otherworldly realm, Gianni goes off on a tear with “Insecure.” Recorded at Pie Studios by Perry Margouleff (Rolling Stones, Jimmy Page), the hot and visceral acoustic track gets a boost from an intense and bizarre visual. “I fell into a hole,” the artist confesses, and it truly does appear that he’s off in the deep end, all torn up by whatever’s eating at him from the inside out. Cradled in his arms is the angel once perched upon his shoulder, as he tries to suss out the morality of his perceived deviance.”

The music video for “Insecure” can be found above.