Prom is a huge part of many high school students’ lives. You get to ask a date to go with you, get all dressed up, and have a fun, unforgettable night. You were also probably packed into a gymnasium that was way too small for everyone and ended up bumping elbows with everyone there. Wouldn’t a prom for just you and your date be ideal? Nashville band Future Thieves think that’s the case, and they’ve chosen just that concept for their music video for “Prom Night.” We’re excited to premiere the fun, sweet video here on Substream this morning!

The video for “Prom Night” is a direct sequel to Future Thieves’ last music video for “Dark Spins,” which had quite the dark twist to it. While prom was cancelled at the end of “Dark Spins,” not everyone got the memo. “Prom Night” begins with one couple showing up to the empty gym where Future Thieves are still playing, and they decide to make the most of it. As the band plays, our starring couple cuts the cake, dances together, and are joined by the school’s janitor in a humorous play on the “wise mentor” role in a long line of teen movies. If you’re looking to put a smile on your face this morning, the “Prom Night” music video is for you.

Asked about the making of the video, guitarist Nick Goss said “We filmed ‘Prom Night’ in our hometown of Evansville where [bassist] Austin [McCool] and I went to grade school and high school. We loved being able to show a lot of the town in the videos and see how our friends and family react. Preston Leatherman, our videographer, did another bang up job on this one.”

To further explain the concept, McCool added “The video for ‘Prom Night’ acts as a pick-me-up after what happened in the ‘Dark Spin’ video. We wanted to continue the look and feel of the Dark Spin video with a “part 2” but have a more uplifting feeling to it that fit the song. The kids in the video end up having their own prom alongside a weird janitor played by our bud Bob Angle.”

You can watch the video for “Prom Night” below. Future Thieves’ upcoming self-titled album will be released on September 7, and with songs and videos like “Prom Night,” the release should please fans of the group.