The world has a funny way of bringing the people that are meant to be together back to each other, so much so that the circumstances of your separation never seem to stand a chance. If you’re meant to be together, you’re going to be together. I know how it sounds, I can feel the cheese literally radiating from that opening line, but believe me when I say that this push and pull of universal tides isn’t strictly bound to romantic relationships. Ask Tim Arnold and Keith Goodwin of Found Wild who, throughout their careers, have somehow always found their way back to each other.

The two met nearly 20 years ago as members of a band called Days Away, which would eventually transform into Good Old War. Fifteen years of recording and touring resulted in a lot of wear and tear on the duo; Tim dove headfirst into his demons and would eventually have to leave the project in order to collect himself and begin to move forward instead of continuing on the backward slide of addiction. After finding his footing, he met up with Keith to start writing for Good Old War, but the two knew that it was Tim’s voice that needed to be heard now.

There’s an honesty that radiates from the songwriting on their self-titled debut and an earnestness to Tim’s drawl-ridden voice that charms you just enough that you can’t tear yourself away from the stories being told throughout the record. Today, I’m excited to share the music video for a new track called “Nothing Gold Can Last.” Leaning heavy into the beautifully barebones kind of folk-music that the two are known for, Tim’s voice and knack for creating a world that you can get completely lost in are allowed to really shine. It’s a somber track with a simple message; do what you love while you can because nothing gold can last.

The music video itself is ritualistic and captivating. Moments of straight up performance are sprinkled throughout a primal cult ritual that sees offerings being made to a benevolent leader in a scene that feels like a lighter version of something out of American Horror Story.

Watch the video for “Nothing Gold Can Last” above. Found Wild is out July 20th on Memory Music and can be pre-ordered here. You can catch the duo on tour now with Anthony Green.