When last we heard from the guys in The Breaking Pattern, we said that their song “Shadow Of The Moon” existed somewhere at the intersection of Tal Bachman and Daphne Loves Derby. In reality, that’s just a really convoluted way to say that the band has a knack for tapping into the key of happy and coming out with some of the most sickeningly sweet love songs. It’s 90’s pop by way of neon nostalgia, which means that we’ve got monstrous hooks that will bounce around your head for days and a vocal melody akin to a rush of dopamine.

With “Taylor Swift,” we’re getting the best taste of what the future has in store for The Breaking Pattern. Lyrics that tell of a toxic relationship that you keep getting pulled back into are sung with such a soft sincerity and romantic remembrance that you can’t help but join vocalist Derek Hackman in pining for the person that he’s fallen out of love with for the third time this week. The music video sees Hackman tackle speed-dating in both the classic and digital climates; a constant state of swiping through Tinger, and, face-to-face speed dates. The bright colors and poppy attitude of the song are the perfect juxtapositions to the songs bleak, albeit catchy, lyrical content.

Watch the music video for “Taylor Swift” below.