At the tender age of eleven, Alex Kostka chose the acoustic guitar to be the lens through which he saw the world. The events that made up the last fourteen years of his life have made their way to music, and as such, the world (or at least Michigan) has been able to hear Alex evolve into the person and songwriter that he is today. The parts of growing up that hurt the worst (heartache, losing touch with those you love) have been on display for Alex for nearly as long as he can remember, but he’s not alone in this as of late. Within the last year, Alex has decided to drop his first name from the project and trade in the acoustic guitar for a full-band; allowing his songs to grow and feel more-so full of life than anything that he’s brought to the table previously.

The music video for “Motions” pays perfect homage to the growth (both literally and in terms of sound) that Kostka has been through in the last year. Shot like a home-movie, the video focuses mainly on Alex and an acoustic guitar. He’s doing what he knows — filling up the empty space in living rooms and backyards with his songs and stories. The video starts while the track is mostly acoustic and begins to jump and get a little glitchy as the band begins to breathe; the more instrumentation is added to the track, the more the video begins to unravel.

Talking with The Alternative about the track, Kostka has said: “This is the first song that I have written where I woke up in the middle of the night feeling inspired and ran to my guitar to write.” He continues, “This song captures the feeling of distance that presents itself between you and other people during trying times.”

Watch the music video for “Motions” above.