Moving on from a relationship is hardly a linear process. The “break-up” may be over and done with, but every so often, we’ll come across something that reminds us of the person that’s no longer in our lives. Even when the other person has moved on, it’s easy to ruminate on the time spent together when you’re faced with so many reminders of them – and it’s impossible to forget them on their birthday. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to forget about an ex who’s already moved on to someone else, take a listen to Bare Dreams’ new song “Birthdays,” which we’re proud to be premiering today.

Coming all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel, Bare Dreams blend pop-punk and alternative influences new and old (think tunes that meld the sensitivity of Mayday Parade with the energy of The Wonder Years and the aggression of Bayside) as groups that have shaped their sound. Two years ago, vocalist / guitarist Itay Aviv got together with drummer Eldar Moshe, originally intending to play as an acoustic duo; a year later, the lineup of Bare Dreams was complete with the additions of guitarist Roee Berezowitz and bassist Itamar Hayuth.

When asked about “Birthdays,” Aviv told Substream: “This song describes the hopelessness in watching someone you love move on as you try to pick up the pieces and forget about him.”

If you like what you hear, you’re in luck, as Bare Dreams will be releasing their new EP Au Revoir on May 25. For more information, head on over to Bare Dreams’ website or keep up with the band on Facebook and Instagram.