Tribe Friday has released the official music video for new single “Swimsuit” off their upcoming sophomore album, Hemma.



The 80’s styled iridescent track mastered by Stephen Marcussen (The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Cher) touches upon bouts of survivor’s guilt and self reflection. Bolstered by a driving beat, the music video sets the stage for an explosive chorus that channels pent-up frustrations stemming from loss, built up anxieties and regret.
Blurring the line between dream and reality, the evocative vocals paired with the fantastical visualization of losing a loved one creates for a heartfelt, cathartic release with their signature bubble-gum emo charm.
“This video expands on some of the themes in the song – survivor’s guilt, unhealthy relationships, addiction, that sort of thing. I love the way Benjamin, Klara and Carl interpreted these ideas and made them come to life. We’re usually hesitant to give away creative control to other people, but I don’t think we could’ve found a better fit this time around. Bonus points to actor Johanna for actually eating that shrimp+fizzy pop jello cake with a straight face. Watch the video and you’ll see – it’s quite impressive.” – Noah Deutschmann (Singer/Guitarist)
Marrying the rugged indie rock dancehall sounds of early 2K with gen Z post-pandemic party vibe bliss, Tribe Friday is a band of guitar slinging emo kids from the woods of Sweden. Their repertoire consists of upbeat songs that speak to self deprecation, identity, confusion, love, death and are anchored by sarcasm, wit and charm.
Tribe Friday has released their debut LP, bubblegum emo, in June 2022 to critical acclaim as they infectiously introduced the world to the Swedish invasion with charting hit “shut me up” (over 1.2M streams to date). Tribe Friday look forward to sharing their sophomore album, titled Hemma, which fans can expect in Fall 2023.
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