The name World’s Greatest Dad is one that immediately elicits vivid flashback to walking through entire racks of Life Is Good merchandise at a trading post in Kittery, Maine, but this Atlanta, GA quartet is here to reclaim the name. The band will release their debut album — the infectious and charismatic Get Well Soon on May 11th in partnership with Deep Rest Records, a label started by the founders of The Wrecking Ball, Greg Green and Elena de Soto.

Today, they’ve shared the music video for a new song called “Laughing (While You’re Smiling)”, and the track jolts to life with a bombastic riff and the delivery of opening lyric ” I’m trying to learn the difference between love and codependence/and why it makes my insides ache/and I can’t tell if you’re something I need or the feeling that I should shake” that finds power in moments of earnest self-realization. The music video follows suit by showcasing the two protagonists quickly falling head over heels after meeting at a dog park, drifting apart in order to better themselves, before ultimately falling right back into the swing of things.

Watch the music video for “Laughing (While You’re Smiling” above. Details on their new album Get Well Soon can be found below.

Track List

  1. New Recording 3
  2. Laughing (While You’re Smiling)
  3. Cough
  4. Asshole Song
  5. Ciggies
  6. A Song For Mogis
  7. Fireworks
  8. Dad Jeans
  9. Motions
  10. Healthy Living
  11. Better Off Dead
  12. Liminal Space

Get Well Soon is out May 11th on Deep Rest Records and can be pre-ordered here.