The Split Seconds is an up-and-coming band from the Washington, D.C. area that will make you think back to the days of punk blowing up in the 70’s. There was once a great English punk band called Sharks that fought to bring back this sound, but since their disbandment in 2013, there hasn’t been a band to fill that hole successfully. Welcome the Split Seconds into the scene.

The Split Seconds made noise themselves in their local scene, before a spot on Upstart Fest brought them to the attention of Altercation Records owner Travis Myers. Their debut album, Center of Attention, came in 2016, and was followed by appearances at SXSW, appearances at DC venues such as 9:30 Club, and taking their signature throwback punk sound on the road.

The band debuted a new song called “Where Have All the Good Men Gone” a few weeks ago, and today we are premiering the video for that song, which you can find at the top of this post.

The song serves as a cautionary tale of sorts, as it deals with a young woman who fails to find a loving, committed relationship and instead encounters only tawdry, unfulfilling hook-ups and even borderline abusive flirtation. Accompanying the lyrical matter is an upbeat track with a soaring chorus that re-calls punk music in the 70’s, while also adding a modern twist, not unlike the now-defunct Hostage Calm.

Speaking on the new song, guitarist and lead vocalist Drew Champion explains that “This song found its inspiration in a trend that we observed among young women trying to navigate modern urban love and relationships. We saw the blurring of lines between decent and indecent behavior, the ease of obtaining sex through manipulation or empty promises, and the general fearful confusion about commitment. We witnessed time and again these patterns leading young women with the greatest desire for love and security into unhealthy situations with men of the worst character.  We tried with this song and video to capture the feelings of isolation and confusion, as well as the tension between vulnerability and coldness, hope and despair.”

“Where Have All the Good Men Gone” is the first single off their sophomore album, Counterfeit Reality, which is due out on June 8th via Altercation Records. In addition to the album, they will be performing at the July 18-20th dates of 2018’s Warped Tour.